Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Well we be slabbed...

What a nice pre-birthday present for "young" Robert...a big SLAB of no not cake but Concrete!

Very much Yayness! Didn't realise how dark it gets now.  Will have to really race out to the block after work now to see any progress during the week!

The Slab from the back. Lil Niece Makaela has already picked her room!
Slab from the front...nice big portico to shelter under and spacious garage to house Rob's midlife crisis (AKA Mitsubishi Evolution) and my big Toorak Tractor (AKA Range Rover).  At least our front door will never get to how it used to look! Westward facing door = a very weather beaten door.

Unfortunately didn't get a pic of the waffle and formwork as my phone ran out of battery (for those who are into that sort of thing :P) oh well, at least i could see what that styrofoam mountain was turned into...lol

Well we received the invoice for base stage completion yesterday and will process that tonight.  So i am hoping that they will continue working on the next stage - framing! Is that the thing that they do? or do they wait until one stage is paid before moving on to the next? Gee i feel really dumb not knowing that! haha!

I haven't actually seen the Urban one latte brick (our brick choice) used on a building, only that small display at the Austral site, so i had a trawl of H1 and found a very helpful thread "What Bricks did you choose - Show and Tell" http://forum.homeone.com.au/viewtopic.php?f=31&t=3737&start=0&hilit=latte+brick and it put my mind at ease.  It's too late now anyway! haha

Anyone who is in two minds on their brick colours or is just starting out in the building process, really recommend going to this thread to see the selections of other Homeoners.  Gives you an idea of your brick choice on the large scale rather than on a small display swatch, with a mixture of different colours selections of roofing and window frames.  That reminds me, might give it a bump up on the threads. :)


Reinsey said...

Congrats on the slab...too exciting. It'll fly now. PD seem to have the frame started within a week of slab pour.
I hear ya on the dark thing. We both work in the city(ish) so it's weekends only now. I think we have a kitchen...
I wonder if everyone stresses out about their colours??

Mon said...

YAY for slab!! Yeah, they progress very quickly and ours did without waiting for next payment to go through. Our payments went through like clockwork (touch wood) so we never had any issues there.

MelNRob said...

Thanks guys! i hear ya on the progress, going to visit the block this afternoon and then i'll update the blog. :) Happy mothers day!

melmox said...

Yippee a slab. They did ours pretty quickly. I reckon it took about 2-3 wks! Your frame might be completed by the end of the month :-)