Tuesday, 10 May 2011


What a difference a week makes in the land of the builders.
Since last post, our very busy chippies have settled in and made themselves at home.

Slab was finished on Friday 29th April, delivery of wood on 3rd May (found it very amusing that the wood had an invoice from Bunnings attached - ironic seeing that there is a PD rewards arrangement with Bowens! lol!) and framing commenced on the 4th May. Rob and i drove under the cover of darkness to see that the ground floor external walls were up on the Thursday. Wow, it was amazing to walk (or in Rob's case hop on his crutches!) through the beginnings of our home and it was great to see how everything will be proprotionately.

After going down to watch R's team play footy on Saturday (he is suffering from mega withdrawals!) we stopped by the block, in the hopes of walking through with my mum and nieces.  We were pleasantly surprised to see our chippies working hard at it! Felt a bit funny doing the slow drive past and getting the stare back from the guys.  Then we debated do we pull over and just watch or do we go and come back another time? So, like the stalkers that we are, we sat in the car for 15 minutes until we couldn't bear it any longer (i'm sure all new home builders have done this but it does feel AWKWARD!!! haha) By this time it was just after 3 so we thought we'll duck out and have a lazy late lunch up the road.  When we got back about an hour later though the guys were still there! Awesome but damn it! i wanted to walk through my house!

So instead R and I took a wander through with the his parents on Mothers Day.  Was a wet day but nothing could dampen my excitement of being able to walk through our house...or could it? Brilliant dimensions, loving the size of the kitchen and the outlook of the dining room and then BAM!

I have skewif windows!!!!

Basically, when we opted for the awning windows across the back of the house, we requested they be centred.  I suppose we weren't specific enough as to say centred to the room, as opposed to centred to the back view of the house. What has happened is the awning windows are now, if you are standing in the living room and looking at the back wall, shifted to the left.  The ones in the theatre room are okay they are centred but it's niggling me that the living rooms ones are going to be off.  It's evenly spaced if you are standing in the backyard looking at the back of the house but really...darn Melly missed that one :( Oh well, too late to change it.  I'll get over it! :)  R thinks it won't matter as once we get the couch in there and furniture it will balance it. Also if you are standing at the front door and look down the length of the house the single awning is framed within that space.

I took a drive by yesterday (i just can't help it!) and the guys were still there at 5.20pm! They had already put together the first floor framing on three sides! These guys are machines.  Good on the hard work ethos of our guys though.  Especially having to contend with the Melbourne winter! Man it was cold this morning!

So there you have it, our super dooper house is coming along in leaps and bounds.

Our Ground Floor

From the front door down the guts of the house

Rob's man cave AKA Theatre Room. I swear he is going to plan a lil escape hatch in a corner so he can go from the workshop (AKA Man Land) pictured and the house.:P

Our windows are there too! This pic shows space from rear garage roller door to workshop

Our bedroom sliding doors? (in paperbark)


melmox said...

Yippee :-) awesome to see.
So let's c who finishes first! Lol they were tiling mine today lol

Mon said...

Tiling ours today too Mel!! haha

Looking great guys!! How exciting!!! PS... don't be scared to pop over and say hi to the guys onsite, it's nice to show them how much you appreciate their hard work. We just made sure we never told them what to do, or what they had fluffed and always asked if they minded if we had a look and they were always fine with it ;-)

Ynot said...

I requested the same windows in the family room. I made sure that there were to be placed 450mm off from the walls. Anyway your house still be look hot!