Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Braces for our baby

So i have been meaning to blog this week but work has been hectic...I know right? how dare work come in the way of the house!??! lol

We had confirmation on Tuesday 17th that the framestage was complete.  R and I wanted to walk through with our SS and the building inspector today but the meeting was cancelled last night as SS had meetings whole day (got days confused !?) so rescheduled for tomorrow (Thursday).  I would have thought that the SS would need to walk through with the independent inspector. Does anyone know the process?

Anyhoo...i took a quick peak at the site yesterday after work.  Really impressed that the Carpenters left the site in a clean state. House was swept out, all the debris etc was put in the cage and the offcuts were piled neatly to the side.  Have to send an appreciative email to CSC to pass on to those guys.  Anyone who takes pride in their work environment, takes pride in their workmanship i reckon.

The light was dwindling and i only had my camera phone but i'll update with better ones tomorrow. Apparently the guttering got put on today (the final pieces to our baby's braces :)), so that would mean that the roof tiles are not too far off! Yippee!

from back corner of living room

Braces on our baby

from this angle the house looks like it has a crown! :)

from kitchen to living room and theatre. windows look fabbo!


SSAZ said...

My SS didn't want to walk through with the independent inspector. He was happy just to get the report.

melmox said...

Me too Mel, my SS didn't want to see them either!
After I got the report he said all items wouldn't be fixed until pre-plaster!!!
Unbeknown to pd my hubby drove past the next day & someone was there fixing the errors!
Independent insp will check again at pre-plaster. And my SS was fine about the things they found as they were really minor!

MelNRob said...

that's wierd!

we met ss onsite at 9 this morning and while we were finishing up the independent inspector turned up. SS said his goodbyes to us and said he'll catchup and have a chat to the II. I reckon that's gotta be good yeah? lol...

Mon said...

Looking great guys!! A very familiar frame you have there!! haha