Sunday, 15 May 2011

Frame stage nearly complete!

Well we are on schedule for framestage to be completed on the 16th May it seems.  Despite the mean weather Melbourne has endured this week, our guys were real troupers and delivered as promised!

Went around yesterday (15/05/11)  and the trusses were all up! And when we passed later in the arvo the windows were being put in.

Very pleased with the speed and workmanship so far.

It's amazing all the little things you notice you missed when you see your ideas come to life! You think you go over the list and double check things you want to add a thousand times but there is always something that sneaks through...window locks! have to budget for an upgrade for locks afterwards as the windows don't have locks on them.  For some reason thought they were all standard mechanism.  Oh well, nothing a length of dowel stick can't fix. :)

Facade pic 15/05/11

It's all trussed up :)

Facade with windows in!

Framework pretty much complete! Woot!
Side of house

Back of house view


melmox said...

Niceeee :-)
You've just reminded me of something of something lol
We got windows with locks (only downstairs) - haven't actually checked the windows installed lol

I predict your frame will be done in a few days!
Watch out your roof tiles r coming! Lol

We r def building atvthe same stage by a wk!


MelNRob said...

yay for roof tiles!

mel did you pay an upgrade to get the locks? or did they come as standard. i have a niggly feeling on this...someone said that it was included with the complete promo but i can't see anything that says that.