Thursday, 28 April 2011

Happy Easter! How many choccies did you REALLY eat???

Okay, so we have had a really eventful week in the B-B house hold.

Last Saturday, R snapped his achilles in a footy match, resulting in a visit to the emergency room and a sad and sorry sidelined footballer three games in to the season.  So much for an injury free season and all that preseason prep-work thrown out the window.  Poor R! He isn't as young as he thinks he is! just jokes...

Anyway, he had surgery last wednesday and didn't come out of hospital until Good Friday and was under strict instructions to keep his heavily plastered leg elevated at all times.  There went our Easter Trip to our caravan in Deniliquin...i think R was more disappointed that he was missing out on the traditional Easter Golf Game with the Deni Crew if you ask me (me on the other hand thinks i would much prefer playing nurse maid to him with his bung foot than handling a very inebriated golfer at the end of the day! ha!). Guess the highlight of this weekend was being able to catch up on some much needed sleep, so i shouldn't complain :)

But i digress, this is also supposed to be about the house.

So, in between the shuttling between work and the hospital, I did manage to get on site to see if anything more happened as we were told the slab would be laid last week.  We caught up with our SS visiting the site last Monday so had a meet and greet and update on the expected happenings.  Apparently the trenching was to have been done that day but there was machinery breakdown so it was going to happen  hopefully Tuesday.

We didn't think much would happen as we had that infernal rain that night but was surprised when i went out on Wednesday to see that the initial pipes were in place. Got my new galoshes out and went wading through the mud...Was dismayed to see though that we have a nice new feature to our pristine shed...not really happy about that but have reported it to our CSC.

Glad to see our SS with intitiative.  After visiting and seeing the gates left wide open one day, this sign was slapped on and now no worries about people getting onto the block. YAY!

The pipes are in - oooh something is happening! YAY!

The dinted shed. Must've happened when they were digging the trench (See bottom of pic)

:( hope rust doesn't set in!

After visiting again on Friday and Monday (why was i actually hoping that something would be done over the easter break??? because murphy's law we had great weather!) i was happy to get an email from bed-bound R to say that he received a call from SS informing us that he visited the site and the slab materials were delivered yesterday and ProCon were doing their thing.  We should expect to have a slab by Friday! Woot!
The polystyrene mountain has something to do with the slab :)

Nice and flat and compacted

I have been strictly warned by the man NOT to etch our initials in the slab because the tradies take such care to make sure that there are no markings in the slab in the first place. Put a guilt trip on me why don't you R! but i get his point, maybe i'll etch a brick with our initials instead...hahahaha!

 Oh and for those that are crazy about this Nearmap fandangled site, below is the before shot of our house on the land (taken Jan 11) and the empty lot taken on the 6th april 2011. Can't wait to add the during and final shots! Yeah! :)

Jan 2011

April 2011

Hope everyone had a brilliant easter break! Now there is no more excuses for site delays (until the next Public Holiday?) :)


Mon said...

Had to laugh about the etching the initials comment... I too was dreaming of etching our names for eternity and then couldn't quite bring myself to taint our lovely slab!! haha

So we took to the frame with a permanent marker and put our initials on the wall prior to the plaster going on ;-)

I also put some gold coins in the brickwork for good fortune (feng shui) ... if you get a chance, pop them in your slab!

MelNRob said...

aw, that's a good idea about the coins! I don't think i'll make it in time to pop into the slab as they are pouring though...i reckon by the time i get out there tonight it will be set :(

Maybe i'll sticky tape something to the frame (hopefully the tradies won't knick it for their play