Friday, 23 September 2011

The end is nigh...

How extremely exciting is it to see all those selections you picked nearly a year ago and had visions of in your head come to life.  Today Rob and I giggled like little kids in a candy shop to see our home so close to the finish line, with our PCI booked in for the 5th October!

And to think that all of this has happened in less than 25 weeks of build time (our site start date was 30/3/11 but the site cut etc didn't happen until late April)!

Way to go PD!  We received our final invoice (dated 30 sept) so i reckon they will give us this week to organise the final things like transferring water and electricity into our names, organise the final direct debit from our lender, etc.

Anyway, since our last visit on the 10th so much has been done.

- Most of the floor and wall tiles have been laid (just have to finish the batch hob and patches around the kitchen island) And also will have to fix up the splashback in the powder room as they laid the wrong tiles.  It should have been all feature tile but they laid it like the upstairs ensuite.
- Most of the faucets have been installed (plumber needs to just finish off the mixer taps in the master ensuite, install taps in the powder room and ensuite vanities)
- Spa bath needs to be installed :(
- The electricals have been finished off and all the lightswitches are installed.  Have to just go over the electrical plans to make sure nothing missing.
- Brickwork that needs replacing still to be done
- Paint patch ups required as they have come back to fix up the non flush items, such as windows and architraves.
- Carpet to be installed (approximately the 26th of September)
- Main door handle needs to be installed.

Here are some photos of our progress so far!

theatre - supposed to be three lights? will have to double check...

theatre cabling - lets see Robbie untangle these...

Living room

Galley - finally fixed their mistake

Laundry - oh beautiful i hate to actually use you...but you're good to look at!! lol

Lounge room and dining room - can't wait to see the carpets go in!

Study - sunny spot to work in

Front door - lock on, can't wait to see the bar handle!

Powder room - need to get the splashback fixed up..should be all the feature tile! And the soft close

Return air duct - bloody bigger then i expected

Spa bath - I can't wait to use you!

Master Ensuite Shower - exactly the effect we were after!

Master Ensuite Vanity - now we just have to fight over which side is which!

Ensuite Shower - tiling came up good

Ensuite Vanities - A touch of bling

Kitchen - have to have a chat with the SS about the island bench lighting - not quite the placement we were after.

Laundry - nifty washing machine taps

Back of house - against the chill of the wind, the sun was warm and the family didn't get out of the way fast

Entryway - can't wait until those stairs are stained!

Stairs - the dwarf wall doesn't look too bad

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Rendered Portico and Garage progress

Popped around this weekend to have a looksee at any progress on the house and to take my Granddad to see it.  Poor Pa has listened endlessly to Rob, mum and myself talk about the place but he hasn't even seen it!  He was a carpenter back in the day so it was good to hear that he thought the craftsmanship was good :)

The portico has been rendered and down pipes have been installed. 

The portico and moulding is going to be painted Magic Mocha.  Our garage door is going to be contemporary style in paperbark.

Here is an updated pic of our facade!

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Fixing to get to the end....

Been a while between blogs but there has been so much progress!!!  I have not gone around to the house for two reasons, 1. workload has increased which has taken a lot out of me at the end of the day and 2. i just wanna be in already and get impatient when i go onsite so best visit on the weekends so i can have a good surprise :)

Okay so fixing stage is now complete.  Our walls are beautifully painted (bar the wall along the stair (?)), internal doors have been painted and hung (there is the mystery of the disappearing theatre door of which i will explain later :P), stairs are installed, all cabinetry has been installed, waterproofing of the wet areas is complete, kitchen installed (with two errors which are in the process of being rectified), bifolds, laundry and front door stained (english walnut), skirting boards and architraves installed, tiles have been delivered and carpets are expected to be in on the 26th September.  It's near the finish line!

Back to the issue of the mystery door - about mid August we had delivery of all the internal doors.  Amongst them was our feature door for the theatre room, which is very simiilar to our laundry door shown below.  When i took the pics over the weekend, we saw a nice glossy flush panel attached to the door frame - no sign of the nice expensive corinthian door that should have been stained and hung there.  hhhmmmmm....Rob has spoken to our SS, just awaiting an update.

Also noticed the boxes for the dishwasher and cooker around the rubbish cage but no sign of the equipment.  They must deliver them there, unwrap and store elsewhere? Just seems wierd why they would unbox the units though...again, wierd.

Piccy time! There's a!

This is the before and after shot...pretty radical change :)
English Walnut stain on bifolds
Alfresco area

Bedroom 2

Bedroom 3

Dining Room

English Walnut Stain on front door.  Just a note to those that might be expecting a uniform colour of stain, this will be affected by the type of wood that is used in making the door.  Ours was a reddish type of wood (jarrah?) so that when our stain went on it has come up darker and more redder than i would have liked BUT i still like the overall look.  Can't help the characteristic of the wood.

Downstairs Powder Room

Stairs installed yet to be stained

Feature Niche

Garage - Roof tilers were there today (8/9/11)

Kitchen - two big boo boo's - forgot to include our hidden cupboard to the left of the issland bench and also placed the appliance tower in the wrong spot! Hope this gets rectified before tiling!

Galley Kitchen - notice tower location.  This should be on the opposite wall (mirror image)

Bedroom 4

View from top of stairs

View to Rumpus Room

Laundry all kitted out

Laundry Door stained English Walnut

Living Room and Kitchen

Lounge Room

MAster bedroom

Master ensuite

Rumpus Room


Theatre Room