Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Moving on up...

Took a sticky last night and found our first floor is built...woo hoo...

The chippie said that trusses will be delivered by friday and that all the framing will be complete on Monday.

Curse this Melbourne weather as i definitely don't think they will be onsite today (think maximum 13, rain, rain and more rain and possibility of hail is enough to scare even the most hardcore of us!)

For those piccy hogs, here is the update :)

Shot of the back of the house.  Notice the"evenly space" awning windows :(

Rob in his man cave. Dreaming, dreaming....and checking out the windows. Poor hopalong...

View to the kitchen and living room.
The offending awning windows. I'm sure it won't be that bad.

Living room to alfresco.

I couldn't take a shot from the bottom right hand corner of the block as the Chippie's truck was in the way. WOW is all i can say.  There's no missing this house coming up the street :) and i think it will give the colourbond house up the road a run for it's money!


Mon said...

WOW!! Looks terrific! ... but then I am a little biased ;-)

Can't beleive how huge it looks even without the garage... makes me realise how huge ours is!! haha

It's lovely to see the subtle differences like windows etc... don't worry about yours in the living... call it "quirky" ;-)

Just curious - did your SS say there was any chance of changing the position of the offending window?

Ynot said...

Nope I don't think the tradies will be onsite today.

MelNRob said...

Hi Guys,

Did you remember to put on your winter woolies? Bbbrrrrr!

Mon - we decided we'll just leave it as is and not raise it with the SS. Rob reckons it's not worth the delay that is going to probably be caused in moving it. He's happy the way it is and I can live with it...It's just me being my over-dramatic self :)

Tony - It is mega scary out there today. So don't want to drive home in that, hopefully it passes. Oh, i have something you might be interested in. Found there is a new flyscreen mechanism for bifolds. I'm going see if we can retro fit it as it's too late to include for us.

melmox said...

Awesome :-)
Hopefully the weather gets better & they soldier on! Lol
I'll be taking a look at the link for bi fold screen doors to. Lol

Ynot said...

Hey Mel,

Thanks for the flyscreen info, I'm gonna check it out.

I agree with Rob regarding the family room windows. It looks fine to me and once you furnish the house you won't even notice.