Friday, 1 April 2011

Thankyou for holding, you are now progressing in the queue...


Funny how something as little as having an icon updated on your account can make for excitement...this is just dragging on

Not much really to update folks.  Site start was confirmed as 31/03/11 but still haven't received a call from our CSC. 

Did get a phone call last night from what i am assuming is the draftsman confirming the placement of a cupboard on the other side of our island bench, and he did say they were working back to finalise the docs that night so that we can go into construction.  Bless his cotton socks...

Have resurrected my creative side and am starting to dabble in acrylic painting again.  Two reasons, it distracts me from thinking about house things and it will save us money in decorating hopefully. :)

I'll post pics once i'm done.

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