Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Floorplan and external selections

Here is the floorplan for our house.  We haven't done any changes to the layout as this house fit the bill for us.  The only addition was 1m to the garage (for extra storage space) and we changed the two rear windows in the living and theatre rooms to 2 awning windows in each room.


And the facade that we chose looks something like this except the render doesn't go all the way around.  It's just on the portico part and also the house that is shown in the pic is not our house design.

While i'm on a roll, here are examples of our external colour selections. Just indulge me here...haha...we have to remember that it will be another 9 months until this all pulls together and i have to keep reminding myself that the colours do all go together,,.ha!

So that's what our outside will look like.   Wrapped with the selections if i do say so myself (",).  Think Rob and I did well on our compromises...


Asha said...

Looking great, what a huge, luxurious house. Hope the slab goes down quick!

MelNRob said...

thanks Asha. Huge and luxurious it is and i'm a bit scared about the prospect of keeping it clean! haha! But we can grow into it and also both rob and i have big families and the nieces, nephews and godchildren always visit...

I too hope the slab goes down quickly, now i am really getting impatient! :)

Do you have a blog?



Reinsey said...

Hi Mel & Rob,
Great colour choices.
Did I read that you're a knockdown & rebuild in FTG, or have I confused you with someone else?

MelNRob said...

Hi Reinsey,

Thanks for the comment. We are indeed the knockdown rebuild in FTG. Hows ur build coming along? Ive found ur blog so going to have a sticky beak :)


Reinsey said...

Hi Mel,
We're in FTG too. Would have love to have stayed but our block is too steep to do what you've done, and land was so limited AND expensive!

Delighted with our build. About to take a trek down there to see if we have roof trusses up. Maybe even windows in.

I'm looking forward to following your build. It's going to be a beauty!