Thursday, 7 April 2011

Construction plans received in the mail yesterday and they look gggooooddd! Excitement plus! With just two minor tweaks required to the plan, which was very efficiently actioned by our CSC, (We are so lucky to have her!) we are very much looking forward to our build now.

Since Friday, we've been provided the contact details for our SS and were given good news that because of the result of our second soil test we are going to be creditted some of our site costs! Noice! Rob has already spent this in his mind, allocating the money to the driveway and kitting out the

Just really want to see some action happening at the block but understand that there is still the prep work to be done to the site.  For those that know me, patience is something that i am lacking in...well this build might just teach this old dog a new trick :)

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