Monday, 11 April 2011

a cut above the rest....

Well Rob spoke to our SS today and in the conversation Rob asked when do you think things will start moving and the reply was "well we have orders to be put through OH! today! (should we be concerned that he was surprised:) haha) and expect to have base stage complete by the 25th and start frame on the 28th April" Noice PD! Now i have something to tell my mum when she comes back from her OS trip to south africa...everytime i speak to her she asks "what's news on the house?" i think she is just as keen as us to move into her little abode upstairs :)

Anyway, with that time frame i think our team must really eat their weetbix... :) that's fast as! but then i haven't got anything to compare it

I ducked around to the block after work and took the following pics of the beginnings of our site cutting.  Little things but it means a lot to us... :) it's called

from back corner of "house" looking at alfresco

from alfresco down back of "house"

a lil bit close to the shed? will have to double check the measurements but this doesn't seem like 2.5 metres.

our portico is the front rectangle hole :)

our "garage"

It's a melly measurement..lay out the keys and judge the distance...not 2.5metres



halfway down the side of our "house". bit squishy...should be just short of 2m
We went down to the williams landing display as well after not seeing it since december, as Rob wanted to check things for measurements, theatre room reconaissance and just to familiarise himself again with the house. 

Word of advice, don't go back to a display home under any circumstances after you have signed the deal! lol! i think i was driving Rob crazy with my second guessing of placement of things and muttering confirmations to myself as i wandered through and looked at things from a purchasers perspective.  I even drove myself batty! Trust your choices mel, there's nothing you can do about it now!


melmox said...

Hello Mel,
Hopefully the weather clears up for you too, so your slab gets poured too.

Mon said...

Hey guys! Great once things start moving along! Totally agree... don't revisit display after start haha! Although it's good to see other displays for decorating ideas!

Would love to know who your SS and CSC are.. feel free to send me a PM if you like ;-)