Saturday, 16 July 2011

Lock 'em up!

Oh my word! It's looking more and more like a house now....really excited with the way our home is progressing.

The brickies are now nearing completion.  Although we had some pretty foul weather over the last few weeks our brickies have worked wonders to catch up and have just the west side first floor (above the garage side) to complete! They are amazing brickies and have done a fantastic job of the brickwork.

bricking being completed 9/7/11

rear of the house bricking on the 11/7/11

Front of house bricked! Just top balcony/portico to go! 16/7/11

Rear of house all bricked! 16/7/11

brickwork on our terrace 16/7/11

View of the Dandenongs from East side of terrace (once the modwood goes up it will obscure the neighbours shed but we should still be able to get the view of the hills)
Our temporary front door, garage door and laundry door have been delivered this week.  The ducting for the aircon/heater was installed yesterday (not sure that they are finished yet though but it's like an octopus is living in our roof!!! :)) I must double check with our CSC on where the manhole is.  Where it is shown on our plan seems to be blocked by other trusswork/wood? it will be a very squeezy manhole if it is still there.

Ducting in roof space (viewed from bedroom 3)

Ducting in roof space above master bedroom

All the shower bases have also been installed in the ensuites.

Have to remember to tell SS about damaged window.  The slider is warped and broken.
Our SS thinks that we should be at lockup on Tuesday 19th and I don't doubt him.  We're really steaming along.  He said that the plastering day allowance is 15 days and then all the fittings will be done.  I am really hoping that this pace keeps up as our SS is really well organised.   It will be nice if we get in to the house early! Go Team PD!! :)


melmox said...

Wow, our houses look pretty much the same, well at the same stage!
It's a race! Lol
All looking good :-)
Bring on plastering & fixing lol

Ynot said...

wow its looking great. the build is moving along smoothly. all the best.