Tuesday, 2 August 2011

progress...gotta love it! Our build is really moving along at a fast pace.

We have now completed lockup, invoice received and paid last monday. 

Very happy with the workmanship of the brickwork (although it is still yet to be cleaned) and our bifolds and laundry door has been installed.

The insulation went in last week and the eaves have been put in. The plastering was to have commenced but as at yesterday it hadn't been done yet. The bath hob is in in our master! I am so impatient for that to go in! That is so going to be my lady land...lol...Rob can have the mancave below (AKA theatre room).

We were onsite weekend before last to check up on our garage/shed, and whilst there thought we'd check out how the "octopus in the roof" (AKA heating/cooling ducts) was going. 

Well, in the last post i had a photo that showed two black ducts in what would be the kitchen area.  We had cause for concern on that one as we weren't sure why there was a double up.  We had 10 ducts (5 upstairs and 5 down) and added an extra 1 in the store room.  If we counted up what we had onsite there was 12.  After relaying this to the SS, we were told that because of an engineering beam between the gallery/kitchen and dining room the duct couldn't go where it was supposed to in the dining so they moved everything over 2.5 metres.  Well that's all well and good, except that we didn't have a duct in the dining room in the first place and it still didn't explain the extra duct. 

After discussing with our SS that we didn't request a duct in the dining and did not want an extra in the kitchen, he investigated and it was found that the purchase order that was put through for the ducting was dated 17th Feb (the day after our contract signing) and which requested 12 ducts!  During contract we found where it was pricing for our heating/cooling they had doubled up on the extra that we requested (instead of being 10 plus an extra one it was put in as 11 and a note made further down about a duct in the storeroom which was counted again).

We picked this up before signing and our CSC made a notation and had clarified this with the drafting department and we made sure it was correct on the construction drawings we received on 28/3/11.  R scanned through the copy of construction drawings that we signed off on to the SS and all has been fixed up.

Just a note to all those starting to build, double check the construction drawing dates are consistent!

Another electrical error was picked up too.  It seems the power cable that should have been pulled through to our terrace hadn't and now it's sticking into bedroom three! R raised this with SS and he is going to check it out.  Know your electrical and construction plans inside and out guys!

And here are some progress piccies...


Theatre Room - Insulated week commencing 25th

Dining and Lounge room - Insulated week commencing 25th

Terrace with cement sheeting down

My Bath Hob!!! Can't wait for that bath....

Bedroom 3 - Insulated week commencing 25th

hmmm, this should be on the other side of the wall...which is all bricked up...

Bedroom 2 - Insulated week commencing 25th

Rumpus Room - Insulated week commencing 25th

Bedroom 4 - Insulated week commencing 25th

Study - Insulated week commencing 25th


melmox said...

Looking good Mel :-)
Love those bi folds ;-) lol
FYI drove past our site today & scaffolding was down :-)
Couldn't take pics as their was a huge boral truck delivering plaster thru our staircase window. Looks amazing once that comes down.
Hopefully get some pics soon :-)

melmox said...

Hey Mel,
What's happening with your house?
Mel ;-)