Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Electrical/Plumbing roughins and Brickwork Commenced!!!!

So it's been a while since last post on the 29th May. 

Bricking finally started on the 20th June after a three week delay (our brickie was held up on another job).  During this time however we had the electrical rough ins and plumbing roughins completed to the house. Our cornices and plaster were also delivered.

Like the way the different trades communicate to each other?  Was funny to see all these written messages on the sisalation to the electricians - wonder how many ways you can say thanks.  Must say that dude was very courteous...lol (you might have to zoom in to see the blue marker writing on the wall). Cheers brethren,..lol

One hiccup we encountered was that the electrical changes we requested before contract signing wasn't actually picked up!

The day after we had our electrical appointment we made a change to the location of data and power points in the theatre room/living room and also wanted to add additional speakers for 7.1 surround sound.

We were advised when we were in contract appointment that it would be taken care of by Argus but it must have slipped through the cracks.

Rob had to go out onsite to chat with the electrician and whilst there was advised by Argus that their specification was for wiring to support a 5.1 surround system. He asked if the electrician could wire provision for 7.1 and additional tv cabling, which we had to pay $350 for.

It wasn't until later that we realised that they were working off the original spec which didn't include our amendments.  Lucky he went out that day! We followed our email trail and found the original email to Argus and our CSC. We met our SS onsite to show him what we wanted and now just waiting to hear back that the changes will be picked up. TIP: Always put things in writing and print a hardcopy for future reference!

Here's piccies of the brickwork thus far...really loving the brickwork.  Was not too sure about our brick choice but seeing it up has allayed those fears.

a possible oopsie? there is a bit of a gap between brickwork and the window
There was a bit more bricking done since the 23rd when these photos were taken.  Fingers crossed they have started the second floor this week so i'll update more on the weekend.  Enjoy and good luck to all those bloggers following that are starting their builds soon!!!


melmox said...

Nice bricking yipeee :-)
Ok we are on a race lol
What's your guess on when youbwill move in? Lol
I'm guessing mid nov to early dec fir me lol!

MelNRob said...

With scaffolding and brickies to continue next week, i reckon we will have the bricks done (fingers crossed) by mid July. Our expected end date is Dec 12 but i really hope it's sooner :)

Rups and Leanne said...

What a crack up those messages are :)
"Bad boys" LOL

MelNRob said...

too funny right :) imagine people in 100 years time are tearing down the house and come across that..way to leave a mark on the world..hehe. Went by on friday and the garage was bricked! But alas my camera ran out of battery so i'll update soon!

Rups and Leanne said...

I would love to be around to see that, "pull what bad boys?" lol

Regarding your comment on our blog, i have some info regarding the bed from The Block in case you haven't tracked it down:

It is from Singways, 620 Church Street Richmond. http://www.singways.com.au/

The bed is not actually on the website but Shannon and Aaron have said it was from there on their facebook.