Monday, 21 March 2011

And so it begins...

Oh My Word!  Received a very excited call from my friend on friday to say that all of the roof of the old place is gone and that the front bricks have disappeared...this phone call placed at 1.30pm.

(quick background story on demo - it was to have been done beginning to mid feb but the demo guy was a bit slack (?) in getting back to us about when they would be starting (he said we hadn't organised for the permits etc but R and I emailed it all end of January to him and the permit people so don't know what happened there)

So i mosey on down after work to see the start of the demolition and lo and behold, no house left! Just neat piles of scrap metal and wood and small pile of bricks. Those little demo men are very very good at their job!

Must admit got a bit of a lump in my throat to see the old baby gone, but hey, onwards and upwards! We are that much closer to the construction stage. (i'm standing at what used to be my front door in the pic above. I can't find the before pics, i think i packed the memory card away and there is no way  i am going through "box mountain" in the garage for that)

Popped in today on my way back into the office and the guys were busy at it again, ripping up the last bit of the slab.  After having a bit of a chat he said everything will be done tomorrow morning.  Wow is all i can say... (and i think i am in the wrong job for what they charge for 2.5 days work! lol!)

So straight onto the phone to our CSC to confirm that the second soil test will be good to go from Wednesday and even greater news given to me to say that our site start is March 31st, with expected site cut to be mid April (yay before easter!)

R and I were really scared that because of the delays with the demo we would be pushing it to have a site start in April but looking like we're on track.

Bless... (",)

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