Tuesday, 22 March 2011

The blank canvas

Rob dropped by the block today to see the final result of the demolition.  We now have a blank canvas on which to build our dream house! (thank goodness they didn't touch our workshop or vegie patch!)

It's amazing how big the block looks and they did a good job making it flat as a tack...less work for
PD to do, they can just get on with the task of building the house. :)

Funny thing about this whole thing though, the demolition company completed the job 5 weeks after we initially requested it, yet it took them minus 12.5 hours (yes you read that right MINUS TWELVE AND A HALF HOURS) to send us the bill.  They hadn't even finished the job yet but sent Rob a nice email "here is your invoice...we expect to have the job done by 12.30pm tomorrow." haha! Keen much??

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Matt said...

Hi MelNRob. We are about to follow you down the same path and do a knock down re-build!!

Just wondered if you could share your demolition costs and site costs?