Thursday, 8 September 2011

Fixing to get to the end....

Been a while between blogs but there has been so much progress!!!  I have not gone around to the house for two reasons, 1. workload has increased which has taken a lot out of me at the end of the day and 2. i just wanna be in already and get impatient when i go onsite so best visit on the weekends so i can have a good surprise :)

Okay so fixing stage is now complete.  Our walls are beautifully painted (bar the wall along the stair (?)), internal doors have been painted and hung (there is the mystery of the disappearing theatre door of which i will explain later :P), stairs are installed, all cabinetry has been installed, waterproofing of the wet areas is complete, kitchen installed (with two errors which are in the process of being rectified), bifolds, laundry and front door stained (english walnut), skirting boards and architraves installed, tiles have been delivered and carpets are expected to be in on the 26th September.  It's near the finish line!

Back to the issue of the mystery door - about mid August we had delivery of all the internal doors.  Amongst them was our feature door for the theatre room, which is very simiilar to our laundry door shown below.  When i took the pics over the weekend, we saw a nice glossy flush panel attached to the door frame - no sign of the nice expensive corinthian door that should have been stained and hung there.  hhhmmmmm....Rob has spoken to our SS, just awaiting an update.

Also noticed the boxes for the dishwasher and cooker around the rubbish cage but no sign of the equipment.  They must deliver them there, unwrap and store elsewhere? Just seems wierd why they would unbox the units though...again, wierd.

Piccy time! There's a!

This is the before and after shot...pretty radical change :)
English Walnut stain on bifolds
Alfresco area

Bedroom 2

Bedroom 3

Dining Room

English Walnut Stain on front door.  Just a note to those that might be expecting a uniform colour of stain, this will be affected by the type of wood that is used in making the door.  Ours was a reddish type of wood (jarrah?) so that when our stain went on it has come up darker and more redder than i would have liked BUT i still like the overall look.  Can't help the characteristic of the wood.

Downstairs Powder Room

Stairs installed yet to be stained

Feature Niche

Garage - Roof tilers were there today (8/9/11)

Kitchen - two big boo boo's - forgot to include our hidden cupboard to the left of the issland bench and also placed the appliance tower in the wrong spot! Hope this gets rectified before tiling!

Galley Kitchen - notice tower location.  This should be on the opposite wall (mirror image)

Bedroom 4

View from top of stairs

View to Rumpus Room

Laundry all kitted out

Laundry Door stained English Walnut

Living Room and Kitchen

Lounge Room

MAster bedroom

Master ensuite

Rumpus Room


Theatre Room


Ynot said...

all I can say is WOW. Your house is looking really good. Possible the best house in the street. Hope your in soon and work gets a little bit less stressful.

question with your staircase, was the plaster nub wall part of your plains?

Rups and Leanne said...

All looking beautiful guys!! Love the bifold door and the stain looks fabulous.

That before and after shot is great!

MelNRob said...

Hi there you two! Hope all is going well with your builds...

T - we received an email from our SS a couple of months ago advising us of the dwarf wall. The stair people asked him to let us know in advance that with the contemporary stair options they will come with the dwarf wall as it is a porter davis design. I think it might have something to do with the stability of the stairs at the top. I was uncertain as it wasn't what i was expecting BUT now that it is in it doesn't look too bad.

Leanne - it's a bit of a change isn't it? i'm really rapt with the staind selection now. Was a bit scared that it might look too "brown" but it's come up really nice with the oil they put over the stain to make it shiny. LOVE IT! My niece said to me today why are you and uncle robbie building such a big house? it's only u two and nanny (my mum) and pa (my granddad). So i said to her where will ur cousins sleep when uncle Robbie and i have our family? Her response as long as they didn't take her room...god love her...:). and here i thought that i would be able to have a spare room for all my crafting! we upsized and i still will have trouble getting my designated craft room! lol!

melmox said...

Looking good Mel ;-)
Love all the pics ;-)
Kitchen looks good, hopefully they fix the problems!
I also had the wrong handles put on my kitchen & waiting on PD to change! Thankfully they only have to replace the pot drawers (6) & not rip my whole kitchen out!

So r u happy with PD? I'm extremely happy & it seems that our houses are moving in quite a good timeframe!

We are both at the same stages. I know how excited I am ;-)

Here's hoping we are both in pretty soon ;-)

MelNRob said...

hiya mel! lol...i know i am outdoing myself two posts in as many days...haha..

Overall we're very happy with PD. SS has been very good at the co-ordination of the trades and delvering the house so quickly. With any issues he is onto things as we raise them. Only thing is the double handling of work in some areas due to untidy admin from whoever orders the materials(like the purchase order for the electricals being sent off PRIOR to our signing off on them and the issue with the kitchen which we had confirmed with our CSC as correct but when it was passed on to the trades it was wrong!?!) It's just frustrating coz you feel like you are continually repeating yourself, why go through selections and sign off on things if it isn't going to be right in the end?

But besides that, i know that things will be done to the level we are expecting. I'm really getting excited that we are so close to the finish line!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mel, was wondering what area is your house built in, pls? We looking to choose Porter Davies, but read a lot of bad reviews, so trying to get real comments from real people (we are in Melbourne, bayside).
Kind regards

Anonymous said...

your niche between the study and lounge is a great idea...can I have the dimensions please??? thks.