Saturday, 10 September 2011

Rendered Portico and Garage progress

Popped around this weekend to have a looksee at any progress on the house and to take my Granddad to see it.  Poor Pa has listened endlessly to Rob, mum and myself talk about the place but he hasn't even seen it!  He was a carpenter back in the day so it was good to hear that he thought the craftsmanship was good :)

The portico has been rendered and down pipes have been installed. 

The portico and moulding is going to be painted Magic Mocha.  Our garage door is going to be contemporary style in paperbark.

Here is an updated pic of our facade!


melmox said...

Looking good ;-)
2 posts in a few days lol
I'm really pleased with how my house is going like u I gather. I think we r lucky in having good SS's!
I was mortified today when I saw in my street a house being built by another builder not pd had all the bricks pulled out bk to frame & wrapping! Arghh they started well before us! That would be heartbreaking!
We are being blessed lol!

Ynot said...

Love the tiles, good choice . The staircase looks awesome , don't know why I was stressing coz it looks stunning