Sunday, 13 November 2011

Our Waldorf in all it's Waldorfian Glory....

Hi All,

So it's been a while since the last post, way too much was going on at the one time between work and the house and there was no way I could sit for more than ten minutes to get my thoughts in order and blog :)

So a bit of a recap on the last 5 weeks escapades.

We had PCI booked on the 18th of October.  For something that we thought we'd just breeze through we were there for 3.5 hours!  R and I had been pretty much onto every detail on the house but when it comes time to go over the place from head to toe we didn't think it would be that long!

Our SS was really great and encouraged us to be very picky on things, such as:
- paint cutting in
- the "dags" that run from the paint around windows
- the paint on the window frames themselves
- the eveness of the paint on the walls
- doors rubbing against carpets when opened
- the gaps around windows and bricks if they are quite obvious (I would recommend speaking to your SS about fitting quad around the windows as it gives it a nice finish.  Our SS took the liberty of doing this and it really frames the windows well,
- paint finish on doors (check for smoothness, there should be no rough, gritty feel on it)
- tiling (we had some that were cut short which I requested be repaired immediately (I am a tilers daughter after all :)).
- cornicing should not be rough
- siliconing on splashback
- kickboards should not have chips

Majority of the items we picked up were paint or plaster related. So after being advised that he will have everything squared away in the week, our SS booked handover for the 26th.

Handover day was met with a lot of anticipation, nervousness and definitely impatience! Our scheduled 10am handover was pushed closer to midday as our SS wanted the place to be pristine for handover. That is one thing that can be said, our SS takes great pride in his work.

We walked through and compared the PCI forms that we had signed off on the week prior to the work that had been done and found most of it had been completed.  There was just the tile that needed to be replaced in the Galley that was short (which the tiler came by the evening to do - and it was a different shade of white!)

Although the commercial cleaners had come through, I still had to give the place a good scour to get rid of that dusty feel. 

I had taken the wednesday to friday off before the Cup weekend so had a good solid three days after handover to cart some things over and then we did the massive furniture move the Sunday.  This was probably the first Cup Weekend where I didn't have a bet on the horses, was way too busy unpacking!

We've settled in well.  It still feels surreal that I am actually sitting in the living room typing this when it was only a building site a month ago! Loving our place. It's great to be back in the old neighbourhood too.

We still have a way to go in terms of decorating.  Because the house was finished earlier than we expected, the timings for our couches are out by a couple of weeks.  So using my mum's furniture from her old place for the time being. 

Not particularly our taste (no offence mum!) but it will make do for now and I am sure our back pockets won't complain either.

We decided we will do the projects by it's urgency.  Blinds and driveway are being finalised after comparing quotes. (Anyone use Kreative Design? I left a message for them over a week ago and no return call...not good if they are part of the PD rewards program that they don't even call back people giving them business?!?)

As we elected to not have the shelving in the pantry, storeroom and our WIR done, we have to also get this fitted with our preferences.

I always imagined the dry pantry to be like a little utility room, where I can go for all my dry ingredients without having to lug it all out and take up bench space in the kitchen.  So our first weekend project was Project Pantry.

Ikea and I have become fast friends (much to Rob's disgust :P) and I love the Expedit and Lack range for the chunkiness of the shelves and units but it's functionality and look.

So, R and I transformed the cell like space of the dry pantry into a full functioning storage space for all the Tupperware that we have accumulated over the years! Just have to finish the kickboards and add a few baskets but it's come up a treat!



Ynot said...

Congrats Rob &Mel,

Love the pantry, very smart

devis en ligne said...

This improvements so interesting to me.

Rups and Leanne said...

Hey Guys,
Its been a while since you have been in your house. How is it all going? I am sure you are loving it.