Sunday, 2 October 2011

more waiting...

Oh man, PCI isn't on the 5th! 

When we asked about when PCI is expected to be, SS communicated inspection 5th, so we thought yeah PCI!'s actually a building inspection.  The PCI is booked in for the 26th.  SO more waiting, waiting, waiting...

Went around this weekend and there's still a bit to do though:

- theatre door needs replacing
- painting of the void area by the stairs and dwarf wall
- repainting/patch painting of the areas that were needing to be rectified that didn't pass last inspection (i.e. cornicing, areas around windows or doors)
- bathtub needs to be installed
- plumbing in laundry needs rectifying.  It was plumbed to the left (if facing the trough) however we switched the washing machine space to be on the right side where the washing machine taps are....guh derr freddy!!!
- downpipes to be connected to stormwater
- shelving needs to be installed in cloakroom and wardrobes
- door handle to be installed on front door
- cupboard handles to be installed on those cupboards replaced because of error last month
- staining to be completed on stairs
- bulkhead above appliance tower needs to be completed
- tiling needs to be finished off around the kitchen island (as the correct cupboards have now been installed) and the bath hob and the splashback in the powder room needs to be rectified as installed incorrectly.
- tiling on balcony and terrace to be completed
- garage doors to be installed
- Modwood privacy screen on terrace to be installed
- carpets to be installed
- mirrors to be installed in all ensuites
- Showerscreens to be finished off (doors just need to be attached)
- Master ensuite window needs fixing as frame has come away from glass.
- misalignment of front door to be fixed up.  There is a noticeable gap towards the bottom of our door if you are inside looking out where you can see that the bottom part of the frame is bowed.

All the brick sills that weren't to standard have been replaced and they look heaps better.  The windows in the dining room and two awning windows that weren't square have been fixed up too so now it's not so noticable that they were out of line. 

Here's pics of our kitchen splashback, which has come up just as i imagined.  Loving it!

Splashback is in.  The photo comes up a lot redder than it actually is, which is a more raspberry tone.


Ynot said...

the splash back is so nice... Hot hot hot... good colour choice Mel.

melmox said...

Sad about no PCI until end of month! :-(
Looooveeee your splashback ;-)
What's your colour called? Mine is called redbox, yours looks a little different!
Are you still getting the independent inspector in?